7 Facts To Guide You About Domain Name Registration

Choosing a domain name is an important aspect of your online business because a domain is like a real estate and its where your brand will reside and conduct business. You will direct all your potential customers to your domain name and get to sell them courtesy of the domain name. You will also get an opportunity to prove your expertise and become an authority in your particular field. Therefore, when you set to choose a domain name, you should be conscious of the fact that the domain you choose will have a significant impact on your online business.

We have compiled for you seven factors to guide you while choosing a domain name for your online business.

  1. Should a domain name match the registered name of my business

The correct answer is No. However, as an online entrepreneur, you want potential customers to find your business easily, and so when you use a different domain name from your business name, many customers who search your business name won’t be able to find you. If the exact name of your business name is not available for registration as a domain name, you can opt for a domain name that is closely related to your business name thereby making it easier for your customers to find you online.

  1. Whether you buy or register domain name free, ensure you have the best domain name extension

The domain extension that you choose will significantly impact your business. It is advisable to settle for a domain extension that lends consistency to your online brand and has a .com extension. However, you can also go for a localized domain extension depending on where you live. An excellent domain name example would be onlinedeals.com or onlinedeals.co.uk. If a .com extension is not available, you can use a .net, and if your online business is a nonprofit, you had better use .org.

  1. Your choice of domain name registration may affect SEO

As an online business entrepreneur, you should be alive to the importance of SEO for your e-commerce store because you want your business to rank and thus be more discoverable online. Therefore, having target keyword in your domain name may work to improve your ranking.

  1. Are there any copyright or trademark issues with domain name registration?

You can land in trouble for registering a domain name that’s already trademarked. Be careful even where the owner of the trademark has not yet registered the domain name. The same applies to niche sites, if you want to use such names, the correct thing to do is to seek express permission, and where in doubt, seek legal advice.

  1. Keep it simple when registering a domain name

Simplicity does it best when choosing the best domain name for your business. The overriding objective is to have a name that your customers can easily remember. Make sure also to spell your domain name correctly because people who spell it correctly will miss out on your website if your domain name is misspelled.

  1. Domain name length

The domain name length of your online business is a factor worth considering. A long, cumbersome name will be difficult to remember and type even for those customers who desire to visit your e-commerce site to buy an item. So, obey the rule of the thumb as regards domain names ‘the shorter, the better.’

  1. Domain name privacy

Due to the sharp increase in cybercrime, it is important to guard any valuable personal information as regards your name, physical address, email address, and your phone numbers from being displayed for the public to see. You can protect your personal information is by registering for Whois privacy for your domain name.