5 Great Domain Name Examples in Action: How to Use Your Personal Name for a Domain

Domain Name Examples

Looking for some great domain name examples and ideas in action? Look no further and check how you can use your personal name for a domain!


Owning a personal domain can be an excellent resource. Whether or not you have purchased a domain that is your actual personal name, there are a lot of reasons to do so.


It doesn’t matter if you have a hard name to spell or write, you can always use your personal name for a domain name and host your website or full-fledged blog on it.


In this article, we are going to present you some great domain name examples in action. After seeing these examples you will agree with us that using your personal name for a domain is not a bad decision at all.


  1. Joshua Fields Millburn – A great example of how you can use your personal name and build a great brand online. Josh writes on The Minimalists and he also writes nonfiction and fiction books. His site was designed by the professionals Spyr Media.
  2. Tara Gentile – Once you will open Tara’s website you will see a high-quality picture of her in the right corner and a big call-to-action. She uses her full name as a domain and her home page does great things in a small amount of space.
  3. Danielle Laporte – A great example of how you can build a brand around your name. Danielle has injected herself in this brand and has absolutely everything in one domain.
  4. Joel Runyon – This man has so many online projects going on which makes him a perfect example of why it is great to have a place to present everything you have invested in. One of his most popular blogs is called The Blog of Impossible Things and it is another great design by the professional team at Spyr Media.
  5. Laura Roeder – If you open this website you will notice that Laura has branded her business around her personal name. She uses her name both in the courses she offers and in her blog.



These domain name examples can serve you as an inspiration. Analyze these websites and see how you can use your personal name to build a strong brand online. If you want you can consult with professionals who can help you to come up with a great domain name for your business!